Download NewGRF Sets

Maritime Collection (v0.31)
last update 13-sep-2013
requires OpenTTD > r24978
DOS and Windows
NewStations (v0.51)
last update 21-dec-2012
requires TTDPatch 2.6 > r2360 or OpenTTD > r24715
DOS Windows
NewShips (v0.48)
last update 10-nov-2010
requires TTDPatch 2.6 > r2350 or OpenTTD > 1.0.5
DOS n/a
DBXL ECS extension
last update 14-oct-2010
requires TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha 63 or higher
DOS and Windows
DBXL FIRS extension
last update 9-nov-2010
requires OpenTTD > 1.0.5 and FIRS v0.5.2
DOS and Windows
River Graphics Set
last update 24-oct-2007
requires TTDPatch 2.6 r1576 or higher
DOS Windows
AlpineClimate (v0.21)
last update 18-may-2006
requires TTDPatch 2.5 beta 3 or higher
DOS Windows

 DB Set XL (v0.82)
 last update 5-may-2005
requires TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha 48 or higher
DOS Windows

last update: mb 26-aug-2013