TTDPatch-related documentation

TTDPatch-related documentation

Essential information for users of and content creators for TTDPatch and OpenTTD


This domain holds essential information about TTDPatch, an unofficial gameplay-enhancing and bugfixing patch for the game Transport Tycoon Deluxe written by Chris Sawyer.

TTDPatch was originally written by Josef Drexler in 1999, later supported by a whole Patch Team. Members of this were:

Besides implementing lots and lots of new features extending the TTD core game, the main improvement to the original game was undoubtedly the development of the concept of "newgraphics" (newgrfs, grfs, ...), accomplished by the definition and implementation of a specially crafted byte-code language, called "nfo". Only this enabled set authors the development of today's variety of "newgrfs": lots of vehicle sets for trains, trams, road vehicles, ships and planes, beautiful station sets, extensive town building sets, sophisticated industry sets including novel cargoes, and not to be forgotten, a bunch of infrastructure and landscape sets.


Documents you can find here:

  • the TTDPatch Manual - how to use TTDPatch's features in playing TTD
  • the nfo/grf Technical Reference - specs and documentation for writing newGRF code
  • the m4nfo User Manual and Technical Report - a high-level language for writing newGRF code
  • the "Extended Cargo Scheme (ECS)" and George's "ECS vectors" - overview and user guide
  • the Railway Dictionary - helping newGRF set authors translating railway related terms
  • Transport Tycoon Deluxe savegame internals - Marcin's documentation
  • TTDPatch Landscape Data usage - Oskar's documentation

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