The m4nfo User Manual and Report



This page contains information about pre-compiled m4nfo modules, each consisting of one of m4nfo's feature modules as well as files count.m4 and count32.m4. Currently available are those modules which third parties are actually being used for set development.

For downloading additional foreign software needed to run m4nfo modules (M4, grfcodec, nforenum), see the chapter about basic software.

Linking separately compiled newGRFs requires program linkgrf, see below.


m4nfo modules

For installation and usage of m4nfo modules, see the appropriate pages.

ModuleFileRevision / Datemd5 sum
trainsm4nfo_trainsr102 13.03.20197C340F8375E120113CC74219DD2BABF7
stationsm4nfo_stationsr28 13.03.2019C13670E38508918E3D38132087111CE3
newobjectsm4nfo_objectsr26 13.03.2019CD1DA5BB9F91574EE228043DD63364B1
roadvehiclesm4nfo_roadvehsr43 13.03.20198B3DFC0C10562DDC51C9CF53F4FBD122
shipsm4nfo_shipsr11 13.03.2019218D97DCDCC1D2E116C85FD57DEF1043
railtypesm4nfo_railtypesr12 13.03.201962985E1E51AFF8AE5E7B13BEA55D439A
bridgesm4nfo_bridgesr9 13.03.2019466155406069E9A097EAB715673A2CB2
canals&riversm4nfo_canalsr10 01.01.2019  
cargoesm4nfo_cargosr3 12.05.2017

compiler files

Files count.m4 and count32.m4 have to be applied for the second pass of the compiling process, to generate proper sprite numbers for the grfcodec nfo compiler and the nforenum linter, with count.m4 for 8 bpp standard size sprites, or count32.m4 for 32 bpp zoom sprites, accordingly.

m4nfo newGRF linker

At the time being, the m4nfo grf linker is available as executable for windows 32 bit and apple OS X. It is also available in source form to be compiled for appropriate C compilers (e.g. gcc or mingw).

Please note that at the time being linking part grf files by this utility is not possible when using OpenTTD's container format 2, i.e. with 32 bpp and/or zoom sprites.

ArchiveVersionDatemd5 sum
linkgrf_w.zipWindows (32 bit)13.03.201346EE7BB989FC87FEFA08178D27AF490B
linkgrf_x.zipOS X 1013.03.2013CF6A704BB85602C68D466073386692F4